Maggie’s Water Garden

About This Project

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 20 – 24 July 2016

Maggie’s Water Garden Celebrating 25 Years of Homes4U

awardmedal-silver Silver Gilt

Designed by: Amanda Waring, Laura Arison
Built by: Peter Gregory Landscapes
Sponsored by: Homes4U

Designed for a Maggie’s Cancer Care Trust Centre, this water garden provides a space to meet the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the Centre’s users and caregivers, their families and friends. It focuses on supporting health and wellbeing, and offers a place to sit, meditate and reflect. Inspiration for the garden’s design was taken from the Art Deco period with its bold geometric shapes and industrial motifs, as well as the human need for pleasure and escape.

Dark green pillars represent strength and form, and contrast with the water plants, Nymphaea alba, which signify reflection and peace. The herbaceous perennials are chosen and planted in a way that evokes flow and movement. Together they create a harmonious environment in which to reflect. The planting colour scheme is made up white, green and silver foliage, which emphasizes peace and serenity. A living wall frames the northeast corner of the garden.

Three differing levels of large rainwater storage containers are incorprated into the garden, each with rain-harvesting catcher funnels to enable sustainability.  The water features and plants attract insects or birds.  

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